mission objective

and so begins our survey of vegetarian grub in the st. louis area. we'll be giving you the straight dope on what's good to eat and (occasionally) drink in and around st. louis. we'll be working hard to give you the best reviews in the area, and we'll try to let you know what's stirring the pot in the st. louis vegetarian scene. (yep, there is a scene, and it's not just about hummus.)
we're just two working schmoes trying to spread the word of good veg fare in the gateway city. we believe vegetarianism gets too often overlooked in middle america, and we'd like to change that. if it means ruffling a few feathers, we'll do it, so long as it's always clear that our primary purpose is to gather the most comprehensive and unbiased guide to vegetarian food in st. louis.  
we aren't haters. we want nothing more than to generate a healthy dialogue among folks interested in vegetarian cuisine. if the result is that restaurants fix some of the flaws we encounter while dining out, that's just vegan icing on the vegan cake.

what we mean by "veg recon" is that we'll be doing the dirty work for you. we'll ask the tough questions, suffer through the occasionally not-so-yummy food, and turn the data into moderately good looking blogposts (helvetica, y'all!). we like to think ourselves a modern louis and clark, scoping out the territory, making sure folks don't fall into ravines and rivers and stuff.  (and, yes, we're aware of the other vegetarian blog in st. louis, but we distinguish our little venture from theirs in that we focus exclusively on the dining scene. and we'll be approaching our research with more vigor.) this will be a multimedia blog, too, and we hope you'll find the pics and clips both amusing and helpful. keep in mind, though, that we're documenting it all with our competent, if unspectacular, iphone cameras, so occasionally the photos might present the food in a less flattering light than we'd like.

ultimately, this blog is for all folks interested in finding the best vegetarian food in the area. if you have a place you'd like us to visit and review, please drop us a line. finally, though we're loathe to admit we're ever wrong, if you spot an error, please don't hesitate to let us know about it. just please do it gently.  

a quick note about our scoring system -->> we'll be giving two grades for our restaurant reviews: one for overall experience and one for the quality and breadth of vegetarian-friendly options.