Monday, November 1, 2010

best of st. louis: hummus

hummus has become ubiquitous in st. louis. basically, if a restaurant wants to cater at all to vegetarians, the hummus light bulb goes off. unfortunately, many restaurants have missed the mark, pawning off on us crumbly-dry or oily-wet hummuses (aka, dog's dinner).

the five restaurants below, however, have done more than enough to make us come back for more.

1) schlafly bottleworks's hummus with curry crackers
without question, this is the hummus we love the most. it's not as creamy as a hummus you might find at ranoush's, but we tend to prefer a little less oil in our hummus. the kalamata olives, feta, and red onion combine brilliantly with the spiced chick peas, but it's the curry crackers
(not safe for vegans, though, as there's cheddar in these bad boys) that make this meze transcendent. you will not find these crackers in stores, as schlafly cooks 'em up on site. they are occasionally lackluster, but when the chef is on point, they have the potential to change your life.

2) lucas park grille's roasted red pepper hummus

3) triumph grill's chipotle red pepper hummus

4) pi's hummus
at the euclid location deserves mention as an exceptional offering. if they would just add a little spice (we're thinking rosemary) to their flatbread, they'd easily jump into the #2 spot.

5) square one brewery's traditional hummus with roasted garlic

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