Thursday, March 17, 2011

search & devour: dijon truffle mustard

like dijon?  like truffles?  now, imagine an unholy union of the two, and you've got kl keller's dijon truffle mustard.  why "unholy"?  cuz this stuff is mustardcrack.  you simply cannot stop eating it.  it's a high-quality, silky-smooth dijon, made with the finest european vinegar, but it's the addition of black truffle essence and black truffle bits that separate this mustard from its competitors.  ok, yeah, it's 20 bucks for 7 ounces, but you'll never eat a better mustard.  ask for it for xmas, spread it on anything you'd put your mouth on, commence food coma.

we found our bottle at extra virgin, an olive ovation, which is a cool little boutique tucked away in clayton.  pay them a visit whenever you're in the market for a good olive oil or balsamic.  if you ask nicely, they'll pull out a sample of kl keller's magical dijon.  you won't regret it.  then again, you might, if being addicted to awesome things turns you off.

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