Wednesday, March 9, 2011

search and devour: daiya

we've been devouring daiya for about a year now.  seriously, folks, we buy this stuff in bulk.  it's because of its flavor that daiya is superior to virtually all other vegan cheeses, but our favorite reason for loving daiya is because it's soy-free!  unlike other soy-based cheeses, daiya never tastes fermented or tangy or processed.  and daiya melts beautifully on virtually any dish.  cholesterol-free, dairy-free, preservative-free, trans fat-free--there are so many reasons to love this "cheese."

quite a few people in st. louis know about daiya, but we don't want anyone reading our blog not to know about it.  so, faithful readers and new readers alike, it's time to get to whole foods and stock up.  and in case you're wondering, though the mozzarella flavor is solid, we prefer the cheddar.  (oh, and we're looking forward to the new flavor that's been rumored to hit the shelves soon: pepperjack!  of course, the rumors said the new flavor would be ready by mid-march, but we've yet to see any evidence.)

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