Tuesday, June 21, 2011

search and devour: mushroom strudel

lots of amazing things come in pocket packaging: turnovers, burritos, falafel, pasties, rockets... (hehe)... and schlafly's mushroom strudel is no exception! they're offering this appetizer for a limited time only, and we're here to tell you you don't know the meaning of that phrase until you're nearing the end of your encounter with one of these. the local mushrooms deliver dynamite flavor, the pastry is simultaneously flaky and rich, and the pesto is smooth, fragrant, and bright--but not too bright so as to upstage the mushrooms. you may not associate a warm mushroom strudel with spring supper, but do yourself a favor and let schlafly school you. this strudel may just be the highlight of your meal. and although all good things must come to an end, you could just order two of these and prolong the joy for at least a few minutes.

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