Friday, June 3, 2011

search and devour: spicy billy goat chips

aptly called their "kicker chip," these things are so good, you'll not only lick your fingers but probably the inside of the empty bag, too. don't be ashamed, the strength to resist such a temptation would be superhuman

billy goat chips have been on the scene for a couple years now, and restaurants all over the city have been serving this snack-crack straight up, with a variety of dips, or as a side.  but no matter how you order them, it's going to be good and too short-lived. we've been waiting for the spicy chips for months and finally saw some at the grocery store yesterday!  (see where to buy here.)  we snatched a pack and hurried home, where we summarily devoured them (and almost the bag). unlike their smooth-surfaced older sister, these Kickers are ridged (a design we suspect allows for better spice adhesion).  they've got a slow-burning, mild heat that stays with you, and combined with a little sweetness and a little pungent garlic, they're undeniably some of the best potato chips you've ever had. 


  1. One of my students works for Billy Goat and hooked us up a couple of times.

  2. Thanks for bringing these to my attention. I've tried the regular Billy Goat chips, and they're wonderful. These sound amazing.