Friday, June 24, 2011

search and devour: terrene's beet salad

your opportunity to eat the localest, freshest, yummiest beet salad in town may soon be coming to an end, and you don't want to bid adieu to spring without having really tasted its bounty. terrene's salad is composed of a variety of local roasted beets, house-made ricotta, and sunflower shoots and seeds. we can't emphasize how much a pleasure it is to eat this little plate--the freshness of the ingredients and the care in the balance of flavors and textures is revitalizing for both body and spirit. the candy cane beets provide a playful sweetness that match the understated ricotta and earthy sunflower seeds. sure, we've seen plenty of beet salads with cheese and nuts, but the way terrene has spun each of those ingredients in this version makes it a totally refreshing and unique offering. we highly suggest you pair it with bartender john's "year of the rabbit" cocktail. if these don't make you feel like new at the end of a long day, well...just order another plate and another drink!


  1. Sunny tells me you were there last night, and she told me the news. Heartbreaking. I got the beet salad and the burger as per your suggestion. They were delicious.

  2. it was heartbreaking-- we spent hours agonizing over what to order. we left town and were so bummed we couldn't just go back every night! so glad you liked our suggestions at least :] now if only i could make ricotta like that, we might be able to move on....