Monday, June 6, 2011

search and devour: sweetart's cheddar and scallion scone

by now, most of you know about our love affair with sweetart, but they just keep on surprising us with new concoctions.  recently, chef reine released some new sandwiches (expect a veggielante review soon!), some appetizers, and a scone that's had us daydreaming about it for days now.  the flavor is cheddar and scallion, and it has the texture of a biscuit more so than a scone (not that we're complaining).  the offering of cheddar is ample in each scone, and the the earthy green flavor of the scallions is never lost.  the best part: even though the scones taste buttery, you never feel gross after you've eaten one.  we love that reine never rests on her laurels, and if the current innovations are any indication, she's perfecting her craft and we have lots to look forward to.  

here's the thing, though: you good people, faithful readers and new, need to get to sweetart asap, and you need to visit them often.  they've brought an immeasurable amount of joy to our lives, and we want all of you to experience at least a fraction of that joy.  now get yer butts on over thar.

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  1. Sounds like somethin'! I'm gonna visit soon...