Thursday, July 28, 2011

city review: los angeles

so. much. good. food.  we actually prefer los angeles to new york, particularly if we're talking about vegan restaurants, and we're already planning our next vegan vacation to l.a.

easily one of the top five meals we've ever had.  it's rare enough to find decent vegetarian sushi, but to find transcendent vegan sushi is simply unheard of.  if you eat nowhere else in los angeles, make this place your priority; if you eat only one thing, make it the dynamite roll.  oishii!
Shojin Organic & Natural on Urbanspoon
if you're looking for really good vegan grub for a reasonable price, head to veggie grill.  we hear that lots of celebs pop in to veggie grill, but you won't be disappointed even if the place is empty.  they use gardein as the meat substitutes, and though we're ordinarily not fond of gardein (give us match meat, instead), veggie grill works some serious magic with the stuff.  the star: the bayou chicken.  the blackening of the gardein transforms it into something totally crave-worthy.
Veggie Grill on Urbanspoon
man, do we love this place.  it's crazy tiny, so seating is at a premium, but don't be scared away by the wait.  the food is definitely worth your time, and the prices are very reasonable.  take a bite of the club sandwich, sit back, smile, thank the gods for badass vegan food. repeat.
Flore Vegan Cuisine on Urbanspoon
we're so happy that this place exists.  tucked away in inglewood, this unassuming little cafe delivers the good for real.  how many places are you gonna find vegan soul food?  make sure to order kilamanjaro quesadilla.  this dish is epic, y'all.  you will need a minimum of two people to finish this thing off, but you'll enjoy every last gut-busting bite.
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all vegan, all the time.  not a single thing we've had at native foods has been less than exceptional.  you must try the scorpion burger and the nachos.  if you have room--though we doubt you will, considering how generous the portions are--try the saigon roll.

Native Foods on Urbanspoon
obviously, there are countless other vegan and vegetarian restaurants in l.a.  these are just the ones we think you oughta try first, and they all happen to be 100% vegan.  viva vegans!


  1. I used to live in LA, and the only place I've ever been on this list is The Veggie Grill (fantastic, by the way!)! Looks like I have some places to go when I go back for a visit!

  2. glad we could suggest some new things for you! you'll have to leave us a note to tell us what you thought, and mention any other places we didn't cover that you think deserve note :] thanks for reading, charlie!