Saturday, July 30, 2011

city review: new york

many publications rank nyc near the top of "best veg-friendly city" lists (another list here), and there are certainly plenty of vegetarian options on nearly every corner of manhattan and brooklyn, but none of our favorite meals have occurred during a nyc visit.  this is not to say that you can't find good food; chances are, though, that you won't be overwhelmed.  (full disclosure: we're hardly authorities on food in nyc, as we're often more likely to choose a slice of pie than we are to sit down in a restaurant.)

we had a nice lunch here, for sure, but everything seemed just a bit too tame.  we'd have liked more spice on everything.  still, the space is tranquil and the food is healthful.  combine that with some delicious tea, and you have yourself a nice retreat from the manhattan streets.

Zen Palate on Urbanspoon

prices are fairly reasonable for an upscale manhattan restaurant, and the all-vegan menu is as diverse as you'll find in this area.  it's awesome that all of their ingredients are local and organic.  we recommend the grilled seitan burger.

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  1. Highly suggest going to Vatan and Tiffin Wallah; 2 all vegetarian Indian restaurants in Curry Hill (28th and Lex area) on your next trip. Also try Dirt Candy for an out of this world vegan experience.

    Really cool to see the review of Bloomington. I'm a proud IU Grad myself and enjoy all of the aforementioned places.

    Thanks for shedding light on veg-friendly places in St. Louis. While I reside in NYC, my family has been here since i was 12 and its always been a little tough to navigate this city in terms of food. Will be frequenting many of these while I'm here for the holidays.