Saturday, July 2, 2011

farewell: terrene

terrene was the first place clark ate at when he moved to st. louis, and terrene was the first place he took lois on a proper st. louis date.  we've eaten many, many meals there over the last three years, but perhaps the most memorable was our last meal before they closed the doors for good.

because of our close attachment to the people, place, and food at terrene, we decided to document our last meal.  the food was extraordinary, which made the evening even more bittersweet.  there was certainly no shortage of tears. no doubt, we will miss everything about terrene.

beet salad
lois is gaga over fresh beets right now, so even though we just ordered this salad a week ago, we ordered the daggone thing again.  it didn't disappoint.  the highlight: the candy cane beets.  close second: homemade ricotta.

asparagus and fingerling salad:
fresh, green, light--this was pure health on a plate.  and don't be fooled by the taters, as they have plenty of vitamins and are highly underrated. oh, and that's a quail egg.  quail eggs are frickin good, y'all.

veggie sausage flatbread:
this was the very first thing clark ate at terrene, and he's eaten about 30 or so since then.  (and, in case you're wondering, he does share. occasionally.)  sauce just published the recipe for the flatbread, but we're willing to wager that the odds are slim to none that anyone can recreate terrene's perfect storm of flavor, consistency, and presentation.

veggie burger:
terrene's version stood only behind sweetart's veggie burger in our rankings (to be released soon).  chef mykey had been perfecting the patty and the toppings for a couple of months, and we're just terribly bummed that we won't get a chance to eat it again.  and, yep, that's an empty plate where once sat a veggie burger and some frites.  we were so anxious to eat it that we completely forgot about pics.  it can't have helped that we'd already polished off a bottle of wine by then and were having trouble fighting off the tears.
best. fritesfood. ever.  we may never have frites that match these.  rest assured, though, that we'll search for the remainder of our days.  for you, readers, for you.

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  1. What a moving tribute. Terrene, we hardly knew ye...