Thursday, July 28, 2011

search and devour: sweetart cupcakes

yeah, we know, sweetart has received plenty of press about their cupcakes, but we want you all to know that the hype is real.  reine bayoc whips these things up from scratch with all natural ingredients, and there's a flavor to tempt anyone's palate.  can't decide which one to devour?  go with the gluten-free, vegan chocolate-red velvet.  it's not as airy as the ones with gluten, but we dig the denser cake, and it loses none of the moisture.  we seriously don't understand how reine accomplishes such a delicate yet substantial cake, and her icings are even more baffling.  that woman is a magician.  now get over there and support those fine folks.  and eat a banh mi while you're at it!

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