Sunday, August 7, 2011

city review: columbus, ohio

this is probably the most underrated food city in the midwest, if not the whole country.  literally, we have packed up our car and driven to columbus just so we could eat veggie burgers at northstar cafe.  that's 14 total hours for veggie burgers.  extra incentive, of course, came from the promise of jeni's ice cream for dessert.  point is, if you get a chance to visit columbus, don't turn it down.  you will not be disappointed by the veggie options, and chances are that your life will be changed once you sit down for northstar's veggie burger.

the menu at northstar is not extensive, and it's clear that this is intentional so that they can focus on perfecting the few dishes they do offer.  the veggie burrito is exceptional, the vegetarian options at breakfast/brunch are sublime, but nothing comes close to matching northstar's veggie burger.  we've eaten veggie burgers in virtually every major city in the country, and northstar's is unequivocally the best.  and every time we go back--every time--we're struck dumb by the veggie burger's flavor.  after each bite, we have to sit back, eyes closed, smiles plastered to our dumbass faces, audible gibberish pouring forth from our dumbass brains through our dumbass vocal folds.  after the meal, we talk incessantly about the burger for hours: "remember that veggie burger we ate this afternoon?" "oh, totally, it was derp derp derp!"  yeah, i know, derpy derp the derpiest!"  seriously, folks, you have to put a visit to northstar on your vegetarian bucket lists.  right after shojin in los angeles.

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a few years back, vegnews ranked dragonfly as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the united states, and there's no doubt that it offers one of the truly unique dining experiences you'll find in the middle america.  we often have to ask for help interpreting the menu, as the chef utilizes some of the rarest ingredients available, and the food is as refined as you'll find outside of san francisco's millennium or new york's candle 79.

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at whole world, vegetarian cuisine can be found for much less coin than dragonfly, but you're still sure to find quality food with interesting ingredients.  columbus's oldest vegetarian restaurant, whole world specializes in sandwiches and homemade bread, and we recommend you start with "debs on black" and the "broccoli burger."  a plus: virtually everything can be made vegan by substituting vegan cheese.

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