Thursday, August 11, 2011

search and devour: drunken noodles at drunken noodles

when we first visited drunken noodles taste of thai back in june, we were stunned by the quality of food and service, and we vowed to return as soon as possible.  turns out two months later was as soon as we could get back, and boy did we miss it.  this time we tried two new dishes: cashew curry and drunken noodles.  the former exhibited some of the inconsistencies we noticed in our first visit, but the latter was spot on.  there's not a whole lot of veg in this dish, but that's what we want from drunken noodles.  in other words, carrots and green peppers, stay the hell outta the way!  we want noodles upon noodles, and we want them to be savory, plump, and covered in spicy goodness.  few things comfort as well as thai food, and drunken noodles's drunken noodles made us want to immediately settle in for another plate.  (just be sure you insist that the dish be made vegetarian, and they'll do everything they can to accommodate.)

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