Tuesday, August 16, 2011

city review: san francisco

though lois has yet to make the trek to san francisco, it's one of clark's favorite cities.  you can get vegetarian food on virtually every block and in every neighborhood, from chinatown to mission to fort mason.  as soon as we can, we're heading to san francisco for a vegan tour.  it may not match l.a., but i think we'll manage just fine with restaurants like these.

having won numerous awards, receiving multiple nominations for best veg restaurant in the united states, millenneum stands tall as the beacon of vegetarian fine dining.  make sure you bring a friend or two so you can sample as many dishes as possible.  and don't make the mistake of missing out on dessert.

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as good as millenneum is, clark actually prefers going to greens.  much of it has to do with the location of greens, which is nestled up against the marina.  if you get the right table, you might even be able to see golden gate!  the food is no slouch, either.  as is the case with millenneum, everything on the menu at greens must be sampled.  you can order simple or complex dishes, and the food here lacks some of the pretense you find at millenneum.  clark recommends going to greens for brunch.

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cafe gratitude (mission district location):
this is the first place clark visited in san francisco, and he'll forever be loyal to it.  no, the food isn't exceptional or even particularly polished, but there's much to like about no-nonsense food delivered in unpretentious surroundings.  the people at cafe gratitude--like most of the people in the mission district--seem genuinely good, and they're committed to providing customers with quality ingredients and friendly service.  it's not clear to us why their ratings are so mediocre, but we're not deterred.  this is the first place we'll visit when we get back to san fran.

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this is another place with no frills food and big flavors.  and it's all vegan!  try the spring rolls first.  then go with anything from the claypot/sizzling category.  you won't be disappointed.

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