Monday, August 8, 2011

future projects: pi's new chef

wow.  this came out of nowhere.  as first reported in st. louis magazine and then sauce, steven caravelli is taking over executive chef duties at all pi restaurants (including d.c. and the food trucks).  caravelli is known for his contributions to some of the finest restaurants in town, so his move to the world of pizza is a bit... curious.  still, everything pi has touched has turned to gold, so we're not too concerned.  

there are two things here that particularly piqued our interest: 

1) a few months ago we asked departing chef marc baltes if he'd sit down for a rap session, and he enthusiastically agreed (once the d.c. pi opened up).  looks like we aint gettin that interview, and baltes aint keepin his job (turns out baltes split for san francisco).

2) caravelli speaks of moving pi closer to the green/sustainable movement.  that's awesome, but it concerns us that he's talking about multiple pig farmers rather than multiple kale farmers.

in any case, pi is hoping caravelli will keep them ahead of the cuisine-trend curve, and we're anxious to see just how significantly he alters the menu.

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