Sunday, August 7, 2011

search and devour: tempeh bites at araka

there's a new chef taking the reins at araka.  michael burnau is now in charge of clayton's chicest restaurant, and he's doing his best to represent for the vegetarians (at least for the vegetarians with disposable income).  the new menu features multiple veggie options, and you can substitute tofu for most of the proteins in the meatier entrees.  the highlight, though, of our first visit to araka was the tempeh bites.  the tempeh doesn't taste sour at all, leaning instead on its best attribute: nuttiness.  the breading isn't heavy, either, and for a fried item, it's surprisingly light, impressively delicate.  we can't necessarily recommend dining at araka for a full dinner, but we have no reservations sending you there for this lovely tempeh and a cocktail.

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