Saturday, May 7, 2011

search and devour: cheddar and black pepper scone

while making the rounds of the maplewood coffee crawl last week, we made a pitstop in foundation grounds for a little sample of goshen coffee company's java.  not only did we get an entire bag o' beans from the very generous owner of goshen coffee, but we also picked up one of foundation grounds's glorious scones.  it was a tough choice, but we decided we wanted something savory.  the result: lives changed forever.  see that molten cheddar pouring out of the scone?  glorious isn't it?  but it's not just the cheddar that makes the scone noteworthy; it's the inclusion of black pepper that makes us want one of these every morning FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES.  combine the cheddar and pepper with a crumblybiscuity texture and you've got some kind of magic.  and we can hardly wait to try their other flavors!
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  1. That thing looks like it was created by a god. I will be trying this very soon. Thank you!

  2. as far as we're concerned, it was. we only got the one thing when we were there for the coffee crawl, but everything else looked just as delicious & there are even a few vegan treats!