Tuesday, May 3, 2011

search and devour: pepperjack daiya

not long ago, we wrote about the magic of daiya, and in the post we mentioned that a new flavor was rumored to be coming soon.  well, people, it's finally here, and it's fantastic!  daiya's newest cheese-substitute is "pepperjack," and it melts as beautifully as the other daiya offerings.  though not as peppery/spicy as we'd like, the pepperjack does distinguish itself enough to make it a permanent fixture in our fridge.  we found the new pepperjack flavor at the brentwood whole foods.  if you spot it anywhere else, please let us know.

if there's a better cheese-substitute than daiya, we haven't found it.  and if you've been waiting to try it, don't delay any longer.  just make sure you melt the cheese in the oven (we broil ours), as the complexity of flavor is vastly improved with the addition of heat.

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  1. Thanks for the review! We're glad that you enjoy the new Pepperjack flavor. Make sure to let us know of any recipes you make with our products!