Saturday, May 21, 2011

search and devour: rasoi's pudina paneer

duh. derp.  um, yeah, like, this stuff is make-you-stupid good. rasoi takes their homemade cheese cubes and gives them a tandoori and mint leaf rub, and then they stick them in the tandoori oven for a nice grill session.  the result is magic.  the rub gives the cheese cubes a green shell, which only gets further enhanced by the char from the oven.  they're so crispy you might think that were flash-fried, but rest assured they aren't saturated in an oil bath.  think of them as the fitter, prettier cousin of paneer pakora.  and once you add the delectable rasoi chutneys into the mix, you've got yourself one of the finest appetizers in the city.  quite literally, we moaned from bite one til the nearly-tearful end.  we probably would've ordered another helping if not for the whopping 12 dollar price tag.  yeah, like most of you, we think 12 bucks is usually too much for an appetizer, but rasoi's is one of the few that's worth it.


  1. That does look delicious- although I have only eaten the buffet at Rasoi and was not very impressed with that.

    By the way, this is quite easy to make at home with good quality paneer, a tasty marinade and a broiler.

  2. I had these there a few years ago. They're really something. It makes you wonder why other Indian restaurants don't think outside the box like this.

  3. nupur: we would certainly recommend trying dinner there. can't speak to the buffet yet, but maybe we'll give that a shot next time we go--just to see how it compares.
    & i'm actually half-sorry you pointed out how easy it is to make at home, because i've a feeling this could be the start of a dangerous habit....

    e: agreed.