Tuesday, May 31, 2011

search and devour: the sweet divine cupcake

last week, we attended the "cooking with food" event, the most recent brainchild of rue lafayette's marc felix.  the details of the show are a bit muddy right now, but from what we gather, it's going to be a cooking show devoted to vegetarian food!  for now, chef felix is still shopping the show to various networks, and we sure do hope he's successful.  as most of you know, most of us vegetarians would love a cooking show to call our own.

in any case, while at the event, the sweet divine truck dropped to supply event-goers with one of their signature cupcakes: vanilla toffee caramel.  the cupcake is remarkably good-looking, with just the right density-to-fluff ratio, and the crunchy toffee pieces worked beautifully with the smooth caramel.  these cupcakes are daggone good, y'all.  and although you'll definitely have to search a bit harder for their truck (affectionately called "georgie"), it'll just make the cupcake reward that much sweeter.
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  1. the very words we would have spoken, were we able to. but with cupcakes like that in hand, there's not a second to waste-- must. consume. immediately. ahhhh.