Tuesday, May 10, 2011

search and devour: malted mayhem

cruisin' around for a light lunch, we decided to head over to jennifer's pharmacy and soda shoppe for some old school eats and treats. behold the malted mayhem: a glassful of delicious chocolate, hazelnut, banana, and malt, this beast will unleash absolute bedlam on your tastebuds. it is out of control good. we think it's a fun experience best shared with a pal, but if you're alone, all the women behind the counter are good company and you'll feel right at home. jennifer's really feels like a neighborhood place, and it's clear to see what keeps their dedicated regulars coming back. next time we go, clark is going to have to get his own shake, because lois won't spare a sip.

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  1. You are killin me with all these good eats! I have heard this place is awesome so now I must try!

  2. luckily, jennifer's can be a quick pitstop, even just for dessert after a meal somewhere else. and while you're there you can stock up on some toiletries, skin care products, vitamins... :]