Thursday, May 19, 2011

vegstlouis content changing

beginning today, clark will no longer be writing reviews for vegstlouis, as he's now writing a column for the river front times.  (here's a link to his first post.)  rest assured that vegstlouis aint closing up shop, though.  we'll still be posting "search and devour," updating restaurant openings and closings, and providing intimate portraits of local chefs and owners in our "rap session" series.  (by the way, we're curious if any of you are enjoying those interviews.  if you are and you want some more, please let us know.  in general, we'd love to hear more of anything from all of you.)

in any case, we really hope you'll keep checking in with us here at vegstlouis.  we also hope you'll support clark (aka bryan peters, aka veggielante, aka all around great guy) in his new endeavor at rft.  please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested.  the more readers he gets, the better chance he has of 1) not getting canned and 2) spreading the word about st. louis's great vegetarian scene.  

thanks to everyone who has visited us over the last year, and thanks to everyone who keeps coming back for more!

now, here's a picture of some chard.  go get some from whole foods, lightly saut√© it, eat it, and marvel at its wonder. 


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  2. Really enjoy your blog! Thanks so much for all that you do!! Also, wanted you to know that I am enjoying the chef interviews as well, so keep those coming!

    P.S. - I've been wanting to send a "thank you" email to you for the blog, but I'm an idiot and couldn't locate a contact email address.

  3. thanks for the feedback-- i suspect we'd keep them coming anyway, because we just enjoy the heck out of doing them. but it always helps to know that someone's getting something from them.
    maybe neither of us has made our contact visible; sorry about making it more difficult for you. of course, your page views are thanks in themselves, but we're always happy to hear from you in comments, too, so thanks for taking the time to write.