Monday, May 30, 2011

search and devour: terrene's newest veggie burger

terrene's ever-changing menu always reflects the bounty of the season, and that means that chef mike has lots of opportunity to change up the specials. on our most recent trip, we spied a new veggie burger special and promptly ordered two, knowing it could not possibly disappoint. it features a smooth layer of avocado mousse; crunchy, sweet jicama slaw; and some lightly pungent queso fresco for contrast. the delicate balance of light, fresh flavors and the play on textures really makes this burger a unique treat. terrene's specialty really is how they can embody the season in a meal, and this dish is no exception. a bonus, too, is that they've been experimenting with the match patty and have achieved a strangely not-unappetizing meaty yet matchy patty that could silence anyone's doubts about the char, richness of flavor, and texture of veggie burgers.

savor it all the more knowing it's a limited-time offer.

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